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Consign Software is the beginning of a how-to resource for consignors (owners of the items), consignees (those buying the goods) and store owners doing the consigning.

If you find consign, consignor, consignee, consigning, consignment confusing, you're not alone.

Definition of Consign

The folks at Wikipedia on the one hand say that 'consignor' (John) has an item to send to Jones (the consignee) so he uses a delivery service. In legal parlance, the shipper is neither. In a consignment sale, the owner is the consignor, the buyer of the asset(s) is the consignee and the consignment store (owner) is the 'transfer agent' who receives property from the consignor, delivers the goods to the consignee for payment, then pays the consignor the agreed-upon percentage of the sales proceeds (possibly less any expenses).

Consign LegaleZe

In a consignment, ownership of the asset(s) remains with the consignor until sold. Wiki is a bit off when they say "the consignee (the consignment seller or the party to which tangibles are sent) pays the consignor..." Payment is actually made to the store (owner) who transfers a portion of the proceeds to the consignor.

How Consign Shops Differ

Shops that consign are different from thrift or charity shops in that proceeds earned from the latter are donated to charitable causes. Resale shops buy items out-right and resell them. Pawn operations differ in that the pawn shops acquire and hold assets in exchange for a loan and takes possession of the pawned items if the loan is not repaid.

What to Consign?

In order of interest (as measured by search-term popularity), the most common items consigned are furniture, baby and (kid's) children's clothing, antiques, art, autos (cars), bridal gowns, with jewelry, maternity and pageant dresses trailing the pack.

Reference: How to Consign

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